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Lucie's Wholesome Kitchen

NEW Beef Stroganoff served with Egg Noodles, Garlic Bread, and your choice of salad

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Enjoy our savory Beef Stroganoff, featuring tender steak and mushrooms in a rich and creamy sauce, served with perfectly cooked egg noodles.  Complemented by warm parmesan garlic bread and your choice of Caesar salad and handmade croutons or garden vegetable salad and handmade ranch. 

This meal includes:

  • Egg noodles and Stroganoff sauce - 65 oz 
  • Stroganoff Beef and Mushrooms - 32 oz 
  • Parmesan Garlic Bread - 1 Large loaf 
  • Your choice of salad:   Caesar Salad, Caesar Dressing - 8 oz , Handmade Croutons, or Garden Vegetable Salad, Handmade Ranch - 8 oz